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Hit Air equestrain safety vest system

The biggest topic in the equestrian world and the most important thing to Eventers is rider safety and currently we don’t have as much control of it as we’d like. Thanks to some innovative technology, we now can offer more protection for Eventers while competing in the cross country phase of Eventing. The Hit-Air vest provides more protection for the neck and coccyx (tail bone) than any other air vests on the market today. Light in weight and can fit snugly over a body protector vest, as it is mandatory by the USEA for cross country. Most riders reportedly don’t even notice that they are wearing the Hit-Air. Also, when the Hit-Air vest is deployed, it expands outwards rather than into the body, so there is no pressure expanded onto the body protector, so breathing difficulties will occur.

For over a decade, these air vests have been used successfully in the motor cycle industry for motor cycle racing, motor cross, etc. Now Hit-Air safety vest has been modified to accommodate the unique needs of the Eventing rider. At any point when riding, the rider can very possibly get thrown from the horse, usually at the least expected time. There are normally no warnings as to when your horse is going to get spooked, stumble or have a mishap over a jump. The Hit-Air safety vest can be used while training or just riding around. With some exceptions, the vest can be worn in both English and Western disciplines. If safety is important to you, then there is no reason for not using the Hit-Air vest in Barrel Racing, Endurance Riding, Mounted Shooting, Polo, Trail Riding or any other discipline. Wearing the vest also seems to give riders more confidence because they know that there is more protection.


Q: Are these new?

A: No, Hit Air has been producing the air vest for over 12yrs. It is the original air vest on the market with years of perfecting and testing.

Q: Are the cartridges reusable?

A: No, you will need to buy a replacement cartridge which are available on-line or at your authorized Hit-Air dealer.


Q: Once an airbag is activated and inflates, can it be reused?

A: Yes, it can be reused if it has not been damaged. If there is any damage to the airbag, ask an authorized dealer for a maintenance check. After verifying that the vest is OK, replace the gas cartridge using the setting bolt and the hexagon wrench supplied with the Hit- Air inflatable vest.


A: You can tie the penni lose to allow room for the vest to inflate.


Q: If a rider forgets to disconnect the coiled wire and dismounts, will the airbag be activated?

A: A tensile force of about 30kg (66 pounds) is needed to release the key ball to activate the airbag. Normally, the dismounting rider feels a strong tug to know that he/she has to disconnect the coiled wire before the airbag is activated. Always disconnect the coiled wire before dismounting.

Q: Does the noise of the vest inflating scare your horse?

A: In the matter of a fall, the noise is going to be the last thing that will spook your horse . If you accidentally jump off and the air vest inflates, it depends on your horse (most don't even notice).


Q: When the vest inflates does it hurt?

A: No, the Hit Air vest inflates outwards never putting pressure on your body. It will feel snug but you are still able to breath.

Q: How do I fit the vest?

A: The vest should fit snug next to your body or snug on top of your safety vest, which we strongly encourage. You can adjust it by the velcro straps on the inside.


Q: How do I fit fix a coilded wire to the Saddle?

A: You can attch to a sadle holder, or to a saddle strap.

1)Fix the colied wire to the saddle holder(grab strap)

How to fix a coiled wire to the Saddle holder(Grab Strap)

 2)Fix the colied wire to the saddle strap, saddle strap is to be fixed to the stirrup hooks of the saddle

How to fix a coiled wire to the Saddle holder(Grab Strap)

How to fix a coiled wire to the Saddle holder(Grab Strap)

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