Hit Air not ground - Equestrian Safety Vest System

Air Vest Shock Buffering System

Air vest Shock Buffering System 


The Hit-Air safety vest is designed to avoid a potential catastrophic injury when thrown off a horse.

The biggest topic in the equestrian world and the most important thing to Eventers is rider safety and currently we don’t have as much control of it as we’d like. Thanks to some innovative technology, we now can offer more protection for Eventers while competing in the cross country phase of Eventing. The Hit-Air vest provides more protection for the neck and coccyx (tail bone) than any other air vests on the market today. Light in weight and can fit snugly over a body protector vest, as it is mandatory by the USEA for cross country. Most riders reportedly don’t even notice that they are wearing the Hit-Air. Also, when the Hit-Air vest is deployed, it expands outwards rather than into the body, so there is no pressure expanded onto the body protector, so breathing difficulties will occur. More info


The original air vest backed with years of research & development

  • Top quality, affordable price
  • Light weight and discrete
  • Higher neck and lower back protection
  • Helps protect vital organs
  • Worn snug to help prevent movement
  • Inflates outwards for less impact to chest
  • Worn and Recommended by Top Riders

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